Awesome types of features are provided in The Plus Doctor.

Patient Record Management

This product will mainly created to help the clinics to maintain their patient's medical records so far.

Inventory and Drugs Management

This will help to check which drug is less in number in inventory. So drug department can update the inventory.

Built in ERP

ERP system is useful to manage daily routine for patient & doctor schedule record, reports, bills, medicines etc.

Bill Management

Set up a price list and charge for treatments and products, calculate profit and work out practitioner commission.

Staff Attendance Management

This will help to maintain staff's daily attendance in check. Authority of clinic will have the rights to maintain it.

Payroll Management

This will help to maintain all staff's payroll in check. It consists of HRA, Tax & so on. It consists of HRA, Tax & so on..

Appointment Management

Using this feature doctors can keep track of their time. Appointment can be requested by the patient and can be approved by the staff or doctor themselves.

We believe that, the world is a puzzle to be solved and data is haystack in which a needle is hidden as an answer to that puzzle. If we find correct patterns and collaborate right set of information we can see the world differently.

Team @theplusdoctor believe that to change the world we must see it differently.

We are team of enthusiastic people who believe that a good design can change the face of the earth. A managed approach can solve any complex problem.

We believe that, to take world to the next curve of innovation few small steps need to be taken.

So our step to the next curve is  " The Plus Doctor ”

" One moment the world is as it is. The next, it is something entirely different. Something it has never been before." ― Anne Rice

Plus Doctor Service Mesh

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